Readers Favorite: Five Stars

Cheers to Readers' Favorite for the Five-Star Review of Punk Charming!

Book Review

Punk Charming (A Mixtape of Spiked Hair, An Elusive Heir and Spiteful Snares) by Laura Quinn is a cultural fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy romance in foreign countries. Kate Spenser is an eighteen-year-old college student who was accepted into a summer study-abroad program in Oxford, England. Kate began her journey armed with her excitement at visiting Europe for the first time, a French-English dictionary, and a Walkman; yet Kate never thought that her travels would lead her through perilous dangers and the chance of true love. Does Kate have what it takes to find her Punk Charming again or will she forever regret what could have been?

Move over Lizzie McGuire, Sam Montgomery, and Lane Daniels to make room for Kate Spenser in Punk Charming by Laura Quinn. Unlike the previously mentioned characters, Kate does not place her entire life on hold simply to go searching for the man of her dreams; instead she finds her true love while adventuring through France. I was originally worried that the story would be boring because of the love at first sight theme, but the author did a wonderful job in making the attraction between the two characters feel so real. Both characters also developed as individuals throughout the course of the story, which made them feel more like real people and not fairy tale characters. Overall, I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed this love story!