Three Woofs for the Dead, White and Blue Awarded Readers Favorite 5-Star Seal

Cheers to Readers Favorite for awarding Three Woofs for the Dead, White and Blue its five-star seal.

Reviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite

A village is stunned when one of its prominent citizens is murdered during an Independence Day cruise in the sensational amateur sleuth mystery, Three Woofs for the Dead White and Blue (Pawtisserie Mysteries) by Laura Quinn. When her parents retired to Florida, Claire returns to her childhood home in North Haven, an affluent suburb of Chicago. After adopting a lovable Eurasier puppy with a finicky appetite, Claire creates and develops enticing and nutritional edibles that appeal to her dog. Her success with her furry baby inspires Claire to market the delectable treats she creates in her kitchen in her home town. The date for her Grand Opening is set for the Fourth of July weekend. During the festivities, a woman and her lover are poisoned. Claire's friend is the prime suspect. Because the police chief is inept and uninterested in conducting a serious investigation, the real killer is still roaming free in the community. With her friend's life at stake, Claire begins nosing around. However, with her Grand Opening looming, she must divide her time between her new business and sleuthing. What is the murderer's motive? Will they strike again?

Three Woofs for the Dead White and Blue (Pawtisserie Mysteries) by Laura Quinn is a delightful cozy mystery that is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of cafe au lait! With untimely deaths and notorious affairs of the heart, intrigue and scandals are the core of the story. The engaging characters, suspenseful plot, and smashing finale create a captivating and sensational storyline. The bakery for canine companions is a brilliant and innovative concept that is a fantastic backdrop for a modern-day Miss Marple. The Posh Pup recipes added at the end of the book are inspired, and I will definitely be using them in my kitchen! I highly recommend this remarkable "tail" to all dog lovers who are amateur sleuth mystery buffs."

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Color Me 80s F*cking Awesome Edition

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This adult version of Color Me 80s features the extra-colorful phrases of the 80s, including one of my very favorites: No Sh*t Sherlock! For those days that you want to color away some extra effing stress.

Punk Charming Goes Dutch

Punk Charming is now available in Dutch, translated by Marlies Perman. Proost!

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1986 - Kate Spenser wacht een wereld vol avonturen terwijl ze vanuit Chicago vliegt om te studeren aan de universiteit van Oxford. Twee weken voordat de zomerklassen beginnen, is de nieuwe aarzeling enthousiast over het verkennen van Europa. Ze weet niet dat de avonturen niet helemaal zijn wat ze zich had voorgesteld. Na een korte ontsnapping in Parijs wil Kate het station Gare d'Austlitz verlaten.

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I had so much fun putting these puzzles together! Thanks to Sirius XM, I get to hear some great classics on a regular basis. But, there were many on these lists of song titles that I had nearly forgotten. Though admittedly, my memory isn't 100%, lyrics from 30+ years ago come rushing back as soon as the first note comes blasting out from the speakers. So, I've been crooning an expanded repertoire (sorry to anyone within hearing range) of late. I hope you're inspired to do so too!

Just this word search of 1986 Alternative Hits includes:

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Spanish Translation of Three Woofs for the Dead, White and Blue

Cuatro de Julio Fatal: Un Caso Para Sabuesos, the Spanish translation of the first Pawtisserie Mysteries book is now available!  This book was translated by the talented Maria de la O Merino Aguilera.

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Cuatro de Julio Fatal: Un Caso Para Sabuesos (Misterios de la Confipataría) – Libro ya disponible @ o Amazon.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, 80s Style

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Lots of records were spinning, even a Bauhaus.

The legwarmers hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that Nicholas Rhodes soon would be there;

Book Two of Pawtisserie Mysteries series is now available!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Woofmas at the Posh Pup Pawtisserie. Snow is glistening and shoppers are visiting Chicago’s festive North Shore. Shoppe owner Claire Noble is spreading holiday cheer by baking festive treats and hosting merry dog events. Her jolly pawtner Baron is charming customers and ho-ho-hoping that Santa Paws will soon fill his stocking. Their seasonal goodwill is threatened by the Scrooge next door, a livid lunch lady and an impish pug…and then Christmas turns deadly. What happens when malice and fright are nipping at their winter wooferland? Even Santa is nearly slayed, proving murder never takes a holiday.

Festive dog treat recipes included!

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Snakebites, Yes Please!

Snakebite. Illegal. To my eighteen-year-old self, visiting England for the first time, there was only one possible response. Yes, please! Oh, teenagers and illicit activities, like moths to a flame. It didn’t hurt that the pub provocateur was a totally hot Brit! ...and it turns out, snakebites are quite scrumptious.

Half lager and half hard cider, the drink is a lovely golden-amber color with a refreshingly crisp taste. The quintessential summer drink, a snakebite is effervescent to the palate and conversation. The drink’s illicit history--one that is rumored to cause intensified intoxication--adds to its allure. Some say it is the mix of fruit and grain bases that causes the alleged reaction. I have yet to experience this enhanced inebriation…and not for lack of trying.

Duranie Down....But Not Out

I blame my magpie eye. It immediately spotted the shimmering Union Jack, ignominiously buried within a clearance rack. My practical side, which screamed “Where on Earth will you ever wear this?” was instantly muted by the irresistible ripple of sequins. The sparkly treasure hung in my closet (admittedly, for several months), awaiting its dramatic debut.

Well, better sense, what do you know? The Duran Duran concert is the ultimate occasion for sparkles. (Author’s Note: Like my character, Kate, I am a die-hard Duranie!) Momentarily, my better sense attempted a resurgence by reminding me of my inclination to wear very lightweight clothes to said concerts, even in mid-winter. We Duranies like to dance (well, dance as much as one can within the approximate half-inch gap between you and your neighbors). Sure, I told my better sense, this top is made of wool, but it is sleeveless. It will be fine. Better than fine, perfect! My mind’s eye was already basking in the glow of the reflections from thousands of red, white and blue mirrored discs. “When she shines, she really shows you all she can….”